Pre-order your Raven 2XS plans now!!  Only $395.
Consider: You want a competitive biplane, in the spirit and pedigree of the Pitts; an S2C or S2B, but don't want a 20 year old one, and don't want to fork out the BIG BUCKS for a new one.. or an expensive kit.. you know what we are talking about!!  Finally you have an option! Buy plans and build yourself from scratch, or with our kits! Or subcontract to a homebuilder for you. Our components are inexpensive in comparison to others.
Remember that these plans represent the ONLY high performance 540 powered 2 seat aerobatic biplane plans in this size and weight catagory around that you can scratch build!
  • 25 detailed and high quality sheets with CAD drawings
  • Sheets include:  Threeview, basic fuselage construction, detailed fuselage construction (in 3D), every part that needs to be fabricated (or purchased) for the fuselage, the control system, empennage, firewall and instrument panels, turtledeck, fuel tank(s), detailed wing construction diagrams including ribs, lower and upper wings, and options, 30% offset symmetrical wooden ailerons, engine mount, and more.
  • Tips and tricks are annotated throughout the drawings
  • A CD containing 100+ high res closeup pictures of the fuselage and wings during the build process for using as reference.

Raven 2XS Plans        $395.00 + shipping

AIRCRAFT PLANS LICENSE AGREEMENT Please make sure to download, fill out, and either email (scanned and signed), post or fax this waiver form to us before we are able to ship the plans.

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After many months of hard work, tweaking, correcting, adjusting, adding more detail, we have finally reached our BETA stage before releasing the Raven 2XS plans to homebuilders for scratch or kit building. We are literally only a few weeks from finalising.

NOW! First 20 built will get profiled on our website with detailed built and completion records :-)