Raven Aircraft Corporation has been a respected supplier of aftermarket parts for Pitts S1 and S2 aerobatic aircraft since 1991. We offer parts ranging from single fittings to wing assemblies and complete aircraft - our astounding Raven 2XS !!

We offer everything from simple fittings to airframes and complete wing kits which utilize 30% hinge point ailerons as well as a retrofit 30% aileron kit for existing wings. We also offer a number of parts for the experimental S2 including the same performance modifications that make the wing substantially stronger than stock for extreme use.

Be sure to check out our performance engine parts -  Inverted Oil systems, cold air induction systems, exhaust systems and Oil / Air separators.

Featured Products
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Announcing the "Raptor"
Raven Aircraft is proud to introduce our newest product:

Announcing the "Raptor", the lightest aluminum high performance sump and cold air plenum for 4 cylinder Lycoming engines available.

Our unit features a deep, high capacity sump for better cooling and improved oil control during Aerobatic maneuvers.

The design is based on our proven 6 Cylinder system, and was produced due to customer demand for a cost effective and lightweight 4 Cylinder unit. This system fits all parallel and angle valve Lycoming engines.

Our introductory price is $2,497.00.

Optional accessories available:

Polished intake tubes - $124.00
Aerobatic fitting kit - $89.00
Swiveling oil pickup -$267.00
Fitting kit for swiveling pickup - $47.00
Non aerobatic serviceable screen and hose kit - $126.00

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